Greece Digital Nomad Visa

Greece Digital Nomad Visa


Step into the enchanting realm of Greece, a destination so iconic it needs no formal introduction. The moment has arrived, heralding a new era where entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and the self-employed are not just welcome, but invited to weave their professional journey into the tapestry of Greek life.

Now, picture yourself as a digital nomad, seeking not just a workplace but a lifestyle. Greece, with its diverse offerings, emerges as an enticing option. And here's the kicker—the Digital Nomad Visa opens the door for a year-long sojourn in this breathtaking country. Imagine basking in the warm embrace of the Mediterranean sun, navigating life amidst reasonable prices, and waking up to vistas that redefine the meaning of beautiful scenery.

So, if you're on the lookout for your next remote work haven, Greece isn't just an option; it's an invitation to an experience that transcends the ordinary. Join me as I delve into the intricacies of the Greece Digital Nomad Visa, unlocking a world where work seamlessly merges with the allure of ancient history, vibrant culture, and endless possibilities.

Greece Digital Nomad Visa

In the summer of 2021, the Greek government introduced the Digital Nomad Visa under Law 4825/2021. This visa allows digital nomads to live in Greece for up to two years, initially valid for one year with the option to extend for one more year. This groundbreaking law extends an invitation to non-EU citizens, granting them the legal right to both work and reside in this captivating Mediterranean haven**. Exciting, isn't it?**

Key Points about Digital Nomad Visa:

  • Visa Duration: Initially valid for one year, extendable for an additional year
  • Schengen Access: Greece being part of the Schengen Area grants visa-free access to 26 European countries.
  • Residency Requirement: Digital nomads must spend at least six months in Greece during the visa duration.
  • Family Accommodation: The visa allows digital nomads to bring their spouses and dependents.
  • Reapplication: It is essential to reapply before the visa expires for an extension.

Benefits of Greece Digital Nomad Visa

Embark on a digital nomad journey in Greece with the exclusive benefits of the Digital Nomad Visa. Experience a blend of work and leisure against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes and a welcoming environment. Here's what awaits you:

Low Taxes:

  • Enjoy a 50% tax exemption on your income for the first seven years in Greece, providing significant financial advantages for digital nomads.

Favorable Weather:

  • Experience pleasant weather with more sunny days than cloudy ones. Spring and autumn offer mild temperatures, enhancing the overall work and living environment.

Affordable Living:

  • Benefit from the cost-effective lifestyle in Greece, allowing comfortable living on an average salary. Affordable housing options, such as renting a house for around 600€, contribute to a balanced budget.


  • Live in a secure environment with a low crime rate, making Greece a safe and welcoming country for residents and digital nomads alike.

Culinary Delights:

  • Indulge in the rich and diverse Greek cuisine, featuring famous dishes like moussaka, tzatziki, and pastitsio, adding a flavorful dimension to your stay.

Scenic Landscapes:

  • Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Greece, including popular destinations like Mykonos, Santorini, Zakynthos, Mount Olympus, and picturesque churches, providing opportunities for leisure and adventure.

Friendly Community:

  • Immerse yourself in the warmth of Greek hospitality, as the locals are known for their friendliness. Greece consistently ranks among the friendliest countries, creating a welcoming atmosphere for digital nomads.

Greek Digital Nomad Visa requirement

The Greek Digital Nomad Visa offers an exciting opportunity for individuals seeking to work remotely in Greece. To be eligible, applicants must meet specific criteria, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling experience in this picturesque country.

Valid Passport:

  • Ensure your passport is valid for the intended duration of your stay in Greece.

Minimum Income:

  • Have a monthly income of at least €3,500.
  • If bringing a spouse, the required monthly income is €4,200.
  • If bringing a spouse and one dependent, the monthly income should be €4,830.

Proof of Remote Work:

  • Provide evidence of engaging in remote work, highlighting the use of telecommunications technology.

Clean Criminal Background:

  • Applicants must have a clean criminal record.

Health Insurance:

  • Possess valid health insurance coverage for the entire duration of your stay in Greece.

Accommodation Address:

  • Provide documentation proving your accommodation and address in Greece.

Application form

  • You must submit your application form either online or in person

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa:

Step 1: Preliminary Preparation

  • Gather the necessary documents for the Digital Nomad Visa application.
  • Create a document checklist to track collected items.
  • Consider using Atlys for streamlined document gathering and visa appointment scheduling.

Step 2: Schedule Consulate Appointment

Step 3: Document Submission In-Person

  • Head to the consulate or embassy to submit the required documents.
  • Present a comprehensive application package, including the Declaration Letter, Proof of Employment, Proof of Sufficient Funds, and the visa fee (approximately €75).

Step 4: Visa Approval and Travel Booking

  • Wait for approval, typically within 10 days of submission.
  • Upon approval, book your travel to Greece.

Step 5: Apply for a Residency Permit

  • Upon arrival in Greece, apply for a residency permit at the Aliens and Immigration Department of the Decentralized Administration office.

Step 6: Understand Key Points and Visa Information

  • Learn about the Greece Nomad Visa, including eligibility requirements and who can apply.
  • Understand the visa duration, application location (in Greece or outside), and the associated fee.

Step 7: Financial Requirements

  • Comprehend the financial prerequisites:
    • Main Applicant: Minimum monthly income of €3,500.
    • Dependant Applicants: Adjusted amounts for accompanying dependents.

Step 8: Document Requirements

  • Familiarize yourself with the required documents for the Digital Nomad Visa, including:
    • Declaration Letter, Proof of Employment, Proof of Sufficient Funds, and the Visa Fee.

Best Places in Greece for Digital Nomads

Join me as I delve into the living costs, cultural highlights, and unique offerings that make each location a compelling choice for those seeking a workspace with a view.


  • Costs:
    • Monthly: €802 (~$864 USD) excluding rent.
    • Rent (1-bedroom city center): €508 (~$547 USD).
  • Highlights:
    • Modern city with ancient ruins, museums, and 40 coworking spaces.
    • A modern city with dining, nightlife, shopping, and cultural options.


  • Costs:
    • Monthly: €783 (~$843 USD) excluding rent.
    • Rent (1-bedroom city center): €451 (~$486 USD).
  • Highlights:
    • Second-largest city, ocean views, and 6 coworking spaces.
    • The second-largest city in Greece with a growing digital nomad community

Chania, Crete:

  • Costs:
    • Monthly: €807 (~$869 USD) excluding rent.
    • Rent (1-bedroom city center): €454 (~$489 USD).
  • Highlights:
    • Island living, a digital nomad community
    • Beaches, charming Old Town, and mountain views.

Taxes in Greece as a Digital Nomad:

Taxation is a critical factor for digital nomads planning to live abroad. To be a tax resident in Greece, stay for more than 183 consecutive days in 12 months. 

Tax Breakdown for Digital Nomads:

  • Less Than Six Months Stay:
    • No tax obligations.
  • More Than Six Months Stay:
    • Tax payment is required.
  • First Seven Years:
    • Enjoy a perk – half of your monthly income is tax-exempt.

Unlock Greece: Your Digital Nomad Odyssey

Picture this: azure seas, ancient marvels, and the freedom to work remotely in paradise. Greece invites you on a journey where remote work meets adventure.

With a straightforward application process and tax advantages, the Greek Digital Nomad Visa becomes your ticket to a year-long exploration.

So, why wait? Greece, with its open arms and digital nomad-friendly atmosphere, invites you to script your odyssey. The Digital Nomad Visa is your compass, pointing toward growth, exploration, and unforgettable moments in the embrace of this timeless land. Embrace the call of Greece—your nomadic sanctuary awaits!

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